Dec 4, 2008

Christmas lights

Ljubljana has lit its Christmas lights on Wednesday. It looks beautiful. Check it out.

Nov 30, 2008

History of Slovenia

The first evidence of human habitation on the territory of the present-day Slovenia were found in year 250.000 BC

In 6th century Slovenians move into this area. The first independent state was called Karantania. later another independent Slovenian state was formed in Panonian region, called Lower Pannonia. This state did not last long. The third independent state of Slovenians was formed more than thousand years later in 1991.

In 1918 Slovenia joined with other southern states in forming the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians as part of the peace plan at th end of World War I. On December 23 1990 88% of Slovenia's population voted for independence in a referendum and on June 25, 1991 the Republic of Slovenia declared its independence. A relatively bloodless 10-day war with Yugoslavia followed and Yugoslavian forces withdrew.

On 29 March, 2004 Slovenia joined NATO in just 3 months Slovenia becomes member of EU. In the year 2007 Slovenia was introduced to Euro. From the 1 January to 30 June, 2008 Slovenia had the function of presidency in the EU.

By Žiga Radulj (3. e)

Nov 26, 2008

Meeting in Alcamo

Check the photos from the first coordinators meeting in Alcamo where the students and teachers of L'Istituto Magistrale "Vito Fazio Allmayer" gave us all a warm welcome at the school and at a welcome party in a beautiful castle of the Modica Counts.
Grazie tanto!

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Nov 12, 2008

About Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital and also the largest city of Slovenia. It is situated in the center of Slovenia with the population of about 270,000 citizens.
Ljubljana covers the area of about 275 square kilometres.

There're all government ministries of Slovenia, the seat of Parliament and the office of the President.
Photo on your left is the Ministry of Defense.

The city's climate is continental. July is usually the hottest month (27°C), January (2°C) and February (5°C) are the coldest.

There is also the Zoo, the University of Ljubljana, Dragon and Triple Bridge, National Gallery and the centre of Slovenian road network

Photo on the left is Ljubljana railway station.

Triple Bridge

Castle of Ljubljana is located on the top of the hill that stands in the city centre.

See you, Leja Veldin (3. e)

Nov 11, 2008

A few photos of Slovenia

Hi there!

This is my first post on this blog. I want to share with you some photos which i took with my camera.

This is a view of an old stone bridge, which leads to the center of Škofja Loka ... my hometown.

If i get up early i can see that kind of view from my window. Well, i don't see it often. :-)

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. The most beautifull is in December. It's full of color lights, snow, music and people who want to entertain themselves.

Slovenia has a short sea cost. The only island lies on lake Bled. It's a beautifull lake surrounded by Alps. A lot of tourists and weddings come here to ring on a wish bell.

On the island you can swim, in the winter you can ice-skate, or you can go with "pletnja". Pletnja is a traditional boat which can carry you on Bled's island.

By Primoz K. (3. e)

Oct 20, 2008

Welcome to Slovenia

Ljubljana on Youtube - just clik the arrow:

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Oct 6, 2008

Greetings from Ljubljana

I can see you've started posting and logging to "Blogger". Mariella started her own and the others will probably do the same. Have fun and just do it.

C U.

Here is the picture of Ljubljana Castle taken from my terrace.

Sep 24, 2008

Greetings from Alcamo

Lots of greetings from the sunny Sicily. Well, not always! Today it's raining.

See you soon here.


Sep 16, 2008

The image of the other

Hallo Mariella, Audra, Antra and Joanna. Welcome to the blog administered by our students who learn about the others. Here they wil post their findings, thoughts, picture galleries, links and comments. I guess e-Twinning offers the same or even more possibilities. However, for now there are numerous possibilities how to use this tool. For examle here is the picture of our school. And if you click here you will be directed to our school's web site which is unfortunately not in English. You can also post a photo galery on blog. If you want to discuss this idea you can just click on comments under the post and log on or use your name when sending a comment.