Oct 18, 2009

Pictures and impressions from the meeting in Poland

Finally the day of going to Poland came, and we, the pupils of 4. E and 3. F excitedly rode the train to Poland. The ride to Krakow took us a whole night, but luckily we were on the train where we could sleep. We had a really interesting time there. The first day we had presentations of all the countries in the Town Hall. We learned some new things about each other. The second day, we saw the centre of Cracow and the Wawel Castle. The beautiful wooden town of Zakopane covered with snow was especally impressive. The most interesting was the visit to Aushwitz. The last day of all the visits (which was also the saddest day, because we knew we're leaving soon), we visited really beautiful Wielicka salt mine. It was interesting being so deep underground. We had one more night to spend before leaving, because early in the morning the next day, we said goodbye to our Polish friends and started the trip back to Ljubljana.

by Sonja Črv

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Great moments.